Perfume & Room Spray

Infuse your home or business with custom room fragrances. Scented rooms sprays are made in Los Angeles from the finest luxury ingredients.


Discover the aromatic power of reed fragrance diffusers. Transform any space with the lasting scent of your favorite fragrance.

Roll on Perfume

Perfectly portable roll-on perfumes are ideal for fragrance on the go. All roll-on perfumes are based in a blend of 100% natural oils instead of alcohol, providing a healthier alternative to traditional perfumes & colognes.


Light 4 Life's proprietary natural coconut wax has redefined the meaning of “Eco chic” with an innovative, clean-burning candle made from food-grade-certified coconut oil. Our hand crafted candles provide the cleanest burn available, and are among the fist sustainable wax alternatives to hit the market.

The final result is a wax like no other, providing an amazing, clean burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance, and is truly ecologically responsible. The purity of coconut oil allows the fragrance to burn true, releasing the natural parfum without distortion. COCO is simply the best burning wax.

Scent Sicks

Surround yourself with your favorite luxury fragrances with our hassle-free scent sticks. Infused with fragrance, these scent sticks require no extra liquid, simplifying your enjoyment experience.

Soap Bars

Experience our elegant 100% vegetable based soap bars, available in square, rectangle or round shapes. Your company logo can be stamped directly into the bar for a look that will compete with any top brand.